Thursday, October 8, 2015


Heavily customized and customizable Twine 2 toy, consisting solely of combining words to create objects.

The fictional setup is next-to-nonexistent, not that it needs any, as the entire thing is an exercise in random generation and recombination. The "device" you use can combine either two or three notions, called primary essences, together - combining two gives you a secondary one. The essences themselves have to do with the senses, with matter, and abstractions of the mind. The final product, however could be anything, from a "misguided sense of righteousness", to an "edible sniper rifle", my personal favorite after a number of replays, with the hilarious follow-up, when I decided I'm not pleased with my creation: "It's not too much of a problem to dispose of your edible sniper rifle – these
things come and go." Indeed.

Of course, GROWBOTICS is entirely dependent on chance for its effects. (Including this neat little result, when I tried to combine a number of essences - "identity", "mind" and "space", against the rules: "You have created an unstable product. Tubes gurgle slightly and draw away the offending gooey mess, leaving behind a faint chemical smell.")

As far as it goes, it's an enjoyable, and really well visually customized piece.

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